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Information about Hertz offices in Estonia:


Tallinn Downtown office

Novira Plaza, Tartu mnt. 25, EE-10117, Tallin, Estonia
Telephone: (+372) 6116333, Fax: (+372) 6116334, e-mail:

Tallinn International Airport (TLL)

Lennujaama 2, EE-11101, Tallinn, Estonia
Telephone: (+372) 6058923, Fax: (+372) 6058953 e-mail:

Tartu Downtown office

(Tartu Buss station), Turu 2, 51014 Tartu, Estonia
Telehone: (+372) 5069065, e-mail:

Tartu International Airport (TAY)

Ülenurme Lennujaam, Tõrvandi, Tartumaa, Estonia
Telephone: (+372) 506 9065, e-mail: