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No Smoking Policy

We aim to provide a safe, clean fleet for all our customers and employees. As part of this aim, since 1st May 2013 all Hertz cars and vans have been classified as strictly non-smoking areas.

If we find evidence of smoking in one of our cars or vans, we may charge a cleaning fee of 100,- EUR.


Why do you charge the cleaning fee? And how do you get rid of the smell of smoking in vehicles?
We are forced to charge cleaning fee of 100,- EUR because we have to take a vehicle out of service for anything up to 24 hours. To get rid of the smell of smoking, we clean, vacuum and treat the vehicle with a natural deodoriser and an oxidation process.

When will I know if I’ve been charged the cleaning fee for smoking?
We’ll tell you before you leave the Hertz drop-off area. If no team member is there at the time, you’ll see the charge on your final bill or credit card statement.

Who decides whether someone has been smoking in the vehicle?
The decision is down to the Hertz Latvia manager.

What if the vehicle I get doesn’t have a No Smoking sticker in it?
It makes no difference if it has a sticker or not. All Hertz vehicles are now non-smoking areas.

I’m a Hertz Gold Plus Rewards member. I’ve chosen to have a smoking vehicle in my profile preferences. Can I still have a vehicle I can smoke in?
All Hertz vehicles are now non-smoking areas. The preference section on the Gold Plus Rewards member page is now set to “non-smoking” for everyone. There are no exceptions.

If I don’t smoke in the vehicle, how do I make sure I’m not charged a cleaning fee?
When picking up your vehicle, inspect it before you leave the rental car parking to make sure it’s smoke-free. If you find evidence of smoking, ask a member of the Hertz team if another vehicle is free, or whether the one you have can be cleaned. If your conclusion is not transferable to Hertz manager on the phone – tell the person at the exit gate.